Ashaara Dregani

A seriuos young woman, hell-bent on bringing Kord's justice to the world


Ashaara usually maintains a serious expression on her face, even making a mocking joke. Her visage bears sigils of the god Kord. She keeps her long fiery hair loose about her head, sometimes tied with simple leather thongs. When not in her armor, she wears a simple, brown shift and a broad belt.


When her parents recognized that Ashaara’s imaginary childhood friend was actually the god Kord, they rushed her off to the temple for help. The priests there saw in her the potential to be an Invoker and convinced her mother and father to send her to a far-off monastery to be trained.

She lived with the monks for years, honing her skills and developing her ability to speak with Kord. When her training was done, she was selected by the Purifiers to join their ranks. But on the day she was to leave, treacherous assassins attacked the monastery, killing the monks. Ashaara escaped with the help of some new-found friends, and made the journey to Aroc, joined the Purifiers, and now seeks her destiny…

Ashaara Dregani

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